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How to Add a Live Chat Button on Blogger Site

What is live chat button? 
Sometimes on many websites we can see that it's have a message icon on the bottom right corner, every visitor can chat with the admin of this website thought this chat button. See the picture below with red mark, it is the live chat button.
If you sent a message by using this button, the admin of this website will be notify to his/her email. then he will answer you. You have to fill up the form of this live chat button. Then the admin will reply you via email. This is fully free service from bangladesh. You can also upgrade it by giving some dollar to this website woner. 

To set up a chat button on your website at first you have to go to- and click on Sign Up Button.
♦ Fill up the submission form and click Sign Up
♦ Now select the language and click next
♦ Now write your site title and site address ( and click next
♦ Add an Admin (Charge Applicable) or Click Skip Button.
♦ Click Skip and clik skip again
Now click on Setting button on dashboard and click on widger appearance and select color that you like and manage another settings. Now copy the link.

♦ Go to your blog site
♦ Click on Layout
♦ Go to footer and click on add a gadget at any corner.
♦ Select and Click on HTML/Javascript
♦ Leave Blank the title and paste the link on description box.
♦ Now click on save button.
♦ Click Save Arrangement on top right corner.
♦ Click View Blog

Amazing, see that the chatting button is live on your website!!!! It's very simple and if you have any question about this post feel free to contact with us or you can comment below, I will replay you INSHALLAH.


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