How to Add a Messenger Button on Your Website

add messenger of website

Sometime we can see a messenger button on website. But we don't know that how to add this button on website. Actually it is linked with a Facebook page. So let's go to see that how to do that...

1st Step
For setup this button follow the steps....
  • At first log in your Facebook account and go to your page. Now see that a Setting button on the top right site of homepage of your page. 
  • Now click on it, see that so many options are there. Now click on Messenger Platform. Then click on Customer Chat Plugin.
  • Now Click on Jump to Section and click on Setup Button. 
  • Now see that a new window showing on your screen and click on Next Button.
  • Now setup the welcome text like "Hi, How can I help you?" or as you like, then click Next Button.
  • Now setup color of messenger icon and click on Next Button.
  • Now click on the code for copy this.
2nd Step
  • Now go your Blogger website or your website index file and pest this code after <head> code.
  • Now edit this code from attribution=setup tool to attribution="setup tool"
  • Now save it and go to your site and refresh it.
  • Now the that a Messenger button have been added on your website.
That's it, Thanks for reading my post. If you have any problem just watch the video below.


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